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        Suzhou Tongli Engineering Quality Inspection Technology Co., Ltd.,
        Home >> Industries >> Suzhou Tongli Engineering Quality Inspection Technology Co., Ltd.,

        Suzhou Tongli Engineering Quality Inspection Technology Co., Ltd.,

              Suzhou Tongli Engineering Quality Inspection Technology Co., Ltd., in November 16, 2005 in Suzhou Industrial Park, the industrial and commercial incorporated June 13, 2006 by Jiangsu Quality and Technical Supervision measurement certification; September 21, 2006 made a province witness sampling, the main structures, steel structures, issued by the Office of foundation construction and other projects to detect, record aptitude test.

              Companies registered capital of 5 million yuan; business areas: civil engineering, civil engineering, road construction, tunnel construction, airport construction, infrastructure foundation, building energy efficiency, indoor environment, the main structure, quality inspection of steel and related technical services; accreditation involving 72 major categories 710 parameters; workspace area of 3,600 square meters; the main testing equipment including more than 500 sets, including steel cable, anchor, asphalt concrete, etc. for roads, bridges, tunnels, prestressed concrete projects testing equipment in the province's most complete and advanced.
              The company has a technical team from the elite university students Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Southeast, Chang'an, Hohai University and other components, including senior engineer 7, 12 engineers, national registered structural engineer, registered geotechnical engineer one for each country, the state registered a construction division 12, the state registered supervision engineers 5; professional distribution in roads, bridges, water supply and drainage, tunnel, built ring, building materials, civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, computer information and international trade.