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      Group three companies signed letters of responsibility goals will be held
      Time:2015-5-7 10:51:14                  Click:1975

            April 3 pm, the group held its 2015 annual three companies target responsibility signing ceremony, the general manager and three companies lihancheng departments 孫sunshengli, Dalian Wang, Qu Shen dry, liuxiaocheng other responsible persons attended the meeting.

            It was signed by General Lee responsibility of management objectives specific matters made a presentation, clear the responsible project manager in charge of the project. Sun Shengli, Wang Dalian, Shen dry canal, Liuxiao Cheng, Li Liang dense, Wang day, Li whole grain, liangweichun and Yang warfare managers were on the sign of responsibility and vowed to work hard in the future to ensure high quality, efficient completion various construction tasks.

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