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      Home >> About us >> Philosophy

      The spirit of enterprise

      Code Of Conduct

      Absolutely obey the command,execution orders keep steps,value on efficiency and results


      Hard work without complaining, honest and not defamatory, self-confident and arrogant, humble and self-esteem
      Magnanimous without jealousy, tolerance rather than narrow, bear without prevarication

      Quality Concept

      High standards, fine, full control
      Create first-class quality, the pursuit owner satisfaction
      Product quality is life

      Service Concept

      The owners always Heart
      With our sincere heart moved Owners
      The needs of owners is our work
      Top of the lower layer services of the room and basic services, full service to owners
      Owner is always right
      The dissatisfaction with the owners to zero

      Market Concept

      A little more than the competitors can meet owner expectations
      Based in Xuzhou, facing the world, achieve regional development
      Based on municipal, enter new industries, cross-industry development

      Talent Concept

      Respect for knowledge and talent; people-oriented, merit

      Research and development concepts

      Endless road in research and development